All Restorations are Made in the USA


I have been affiliated with Hogan Dental Lab since early 1990. They have always provided excellent crown and bridgework for my patients. The margins are accurate and the fit is excellent.The contour and profile of the porcelain work is always excellent. Their eagerness to work with you to make the case correct, is outstanding. I highly recommend this lab. Sincerely,

-- Defazio, DMD

Thanks for the many years of service. (I think it has been 18+ years) I appreciate the nice contours, anatomy on the crowns and bridgework. Most important however, is the open line of communication we share. I like your (Tripat Grewal) phone call when a case needs a little extra attention or questions arise about a crown or implant case in the lab. I also like that I can call Tripat when specific directions need to be followed...sometimes it is just easier to talk about it than write it up on a lab slip. Looking forward to many more years of quality dentistry. Thanks,

-- Busch, DMD

I have been using Hogan Dental Lab for more than 15 years. I have been extremely satisfied. I am always able to communicate with the technicians as to my needs for any particular case. Cases come back when asked for. Remakes are a very rare occurrence. The quality of their work and their reasonable rates has kept me all these years. I would recommend them to you. Sincerely,

-- Caron, DMD

My experience with Hogan Dental Lab has been the best I have ever had in 34 years of practicing dentistry. My crowns fit exceptionally well with very few adjustments and I rarely have remakes. The communication with the lab is truly great. We send them shade photos and the porcelain crowns that are returned are aesthetically beautiful in the mouth. I would recommend Hogan dental Lab to any dentist at any level of proficiency. Sincerely,

-- Berrin, DDS

I have worked with Hogan Dental Laboratory, as my primary crown and bridge lab for past 23 years. They have consistently provided my practice with high quality restorations at a fair price. Everyone at Hogan is very concerned with high quality and meeting high expectations. Tripat and her staff are very knowledgeable regarding material choices and upon request they make very helpful suggestions. I highly recommend Hogan Dental Lab. Sincerely,

-- Daniel, DDS

I have been working very closely with Hogan Dental Laboratory for more than a decade on all my fixed prosthodontics needs. I would highly recommend them for their quality of work and timely deliveries.

-- Fleming, DDS